Faculty Education Award

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Faculty Education Prize

This prize is all about rewarding the effort of employees who may not spend that much time in the classroom (anymore) but continue to contribute and improve the process of education in myriad other ways. Anyone who is involved in the process of education in the broadest sense and made a special contribution is eligible for this prize. This can be anyone at any level going the extra mile by (for example) investing extra time and effort into streamlining and renewing existing process or introducing innovative ideas to improve the study/workplace at the FGB.

This prize is specifically NOT rewarding effort in class (they can be nominated for the Teacher Award).


2022-2023 Nominees Faculty Education Award:

Bea Pleiter

What is your mission? 

The Official Secretariat's mission is to ensure the best overall support for our examination boards, so they can do what they are supposed to do: maintaining and assuring the quality of examinations, thereby guaranteeing the value of our degrees.

We also support the admissions boards and many other processes.

How do you approach this within the online and physical educational environment? 

We receive students’ requests and questions/reports from teachers etcetera. We answer where possible, ask for further information, draft preliminary advices, and mail the decisions taken by the boards. Given the duties of the boards, not all requests can be honoured. Therefore, understandably, we do not only have fans... Just know we’re working hard for everyone.

Lieke Timmermans

What is your mission? 

My mission is to contribute to others’ happiness and growth. In my professional life, this means making a positive impact on our University. I strive to achieve this by being my enthusiastic self and leveraging my unique personal and professional qualities to excel in my work.   

How do you approach this within the online and physical educational environment? 

In the educational environment I do this by facilitating and optimizing the educational process to enable my colleagues and students to thrive and excel in their endeavors.