Faculty Education Award

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Faculty Education Prize

This prize is all about rewarding the effort of employees who may not spend that much time in the classroom (anymore) but continue to contribute and improve the process of education in myriad other ways. Anyone who is involved in the process of education in the broadest sense and made a special contribution is eligible for this prize. This can be anyone at any level going the extra mile by (for example) investing extra time and effort into streamlining and renewing existing process or introducing innovative ideas to improve the study/workplace at the FGB.

This prize is specifically NOT rewarding effort in class (they can be nominated for the Teacher Award).


  • Special contribution to faculty in the area of education

  • Transcends course content/delivery

2020-2021 Nominees Faculty Education Award:

Carla Heldens

What is your mission?

My mission as Education coordinator is support programme directors, programme committees, colleagues and students. To try and make work a bit more easy for them, in busy times for all of us.

How do you approach this within the educational environment?

As secretary of most programme committees I try to act pro-active, to respond quickly to questions. The same goes for supporting programme directors and the others. I’ve always adhered to my first lesson in work: do small jobs immediately, then you have time for the big ones.

Lisa Emmerik

What is your mission?

Working with a group of highly motivated, talented young teachers, I guide them in finding their own style and overcoming the everyday obstacles. What makes me happy is tutors sharing how much they have learned and how they enjoy teaching, and the good energy of experienced teachers sharing their insights with the team.

How do you approach this within the educational environment?

I try to create a safe and stimulating environment in which new tutors can learn from more experienced colleagues (and vice versa!). Sharing experiences, but also the frustrations of working from home and difficult situations with students. How? Cooperation in small groups, in online intervision, and supporting them when needed.

Lisette Petersen

What is your mission?

Everyone should feel included and safe and be able to be themselves. Therefore, I always try to create a positive environment in which students and colleagues can express themselves openly. In addition, together with the Blended Learning Team, I strive for a better integration of online and offline education.

How do you approach this within the educational environment?

By using humor (sarcastic comments, mostly about myself) and opening up about myself I create a positive environment for both my students and colleagues. With constructive criticism, which is for example visible in my contributions to the Blended Learning Team, I help my students, colleagues, and education in general advance.

Geert Buijtenweg

What is your mission and how do you approach this within the educational environment?

I have been nominated for the beautiful work that we have put down as Canvas Corona Crew.

However, the credit should be given to the whole team which I simply lead with inspiration and encouragement.

From the students' point of view, we look at blended education and set up varied learning trajectories.

If possible on the campus, but if it works better in a digital learning environment, we have also created a wonderful climate online with many digital tools. We always ensure that the connection and competence development of the students stands in the first place, allowing the students to choose how to follow this education.

A knowledge clip is worth more than 100 words, so check this out!

The teachers and students we supported in this were already very satisfied, and I hope the entire faculty is now too.

Thanks to Dax, Freek, Jesper, Jet, Loeki, Sanne, Tessa, Tom and Wouter. You all deserve this education award!