Faculty Education Award

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Faculty Education Prize

This prize is all about rewarding the effort of employees who may not spend that much time in the classroom (anymore) but continue to contribute and improve the process of education in myriad other ways. Anyone who is involved in the process of education in the broadest sense and made a special contribution is eligible for this prize. This can be anyone at any level going the extra mile by (for example) investing extra time and effort into streamlining and renewing existing process or introducing innovative ideas to improve the study/workplace at the FGB.

This prize is specifically NOT rewarding effort in class (they can be nominated for the Teacher Award).


  • Special contribution to faculty in the area of education

  • Transcends course content/delivery

Nominees Faculty Education Award:

Bella van Erp

What is your mission?

Society is constantly transitioning meaning that our education programs have to follow. I like moving forward, but know that some people might regard change as a threat. My mission is to find out what drives the people I work with and what they need to be able to keep up with the movement.

How do you approach this within the online and physical educational environment?

I like to connect with people and find out together how I can support. If there is a need for clarity, I will look for a way to provide it: think of my (in)famous excel sheets. Sometimes just listening and asking questions is enough. I enjoy contributing this way and hope you appreciate this.

Carla Heldens

What is your mission?

My mission is to provide both staff as students with good support and assistance. To help them as good as I can, and if possible, pro-actively deal with issues that may arise. Also to support my colleagues, with both answers to questions as with direct support is solving issues.

How do you approach this within the online and physical educational environment?

I work at campus every day, so everyone can reach me by phone, mail or in person. I more or less work in the same way as before, only some meetings are still online or hybrid.

Siema Ramdas

What is your mission?

My mission is for all students at the university to feel like they belong. That they feel invited to bring their own unique points of view and perspectives into class. For this to happen, we need to support both teachers and students in their efforts to create an inclusive learning environment.

How do you approach this within the educational environment?

Staying open to other points of view —and learning from them— can be challenging. We need strategies and activities that teachers can use, online as well as in class. The Mixed Classroom concept that I co-developed offers both students and teachers tools that stimulate a powerful inclusive learning environment.